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Where Can I Go to Beat the Heat?

Summer is the perfect time of year for fun family outings. A relaxed work schedule and the end of the school year make it easier than ever to enjoy time together. Throughout the spring the weather begins to warm up and you remember how much fun a day outdoors can be. Then the warmth hits perfect pool temperature and it really feels like summer. Then the heat gets overwhelming, and borderline oppressive! Not every day can be a water park day. So where can you go to beat the heat when the weather gets extreme?

Indoor Play Venues Are an Alternative to Pools and Water Parks

If you’ve had your fill of aquatic-themed adventures for the summer, you’re probably looking for something fresh. Indoor venues are a great alternative. An air-conditioned option ensures that the heat will never shut down your fun. However, chasing the cool doesn’t have to mean sitting quietly in a movie theater for two hours. There are all kinds of awesome indoor play venues. Indoor facilities that allow you and the kids to move and play are great for active days.

Beating the Heat Means Staying Comfortable and Safe

Dripping buckets of sweat and sunburns can ruin a good time, even if you’re having fun outdoors. Indoor play venues keep you out of the sun where it’s cool and comfortable. However, beating the heat this summer also means staying safe. Heat stroke and exhaustion are common after long exposure to high temperatures. When serious, sunburns can cause both pain and skin disease. Finding a way to play indoors isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s a necessity.

Looking for a Way to Play Indoors?

Staying inside doesn’t have to make for a subdued day. iPlay Austin is an exciting indoor playland full of inflatable adventures for kids of all ages. In the comfort and safety of air conditioning, kids are free to run and explore all of the many play options. If you’re ready to beat the heat this summer, contact iPlay Austin in Austin, TX at 512-282-5867.