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Use Your Child’s Summer for a Subject Deep Dive

Summer is the season of flexibility. This open-ended schedule block offers a break from the school year for your child. It’s the ideal time for vacations and family outings. However, amidst the adventures, you’ve got a lot of time to fill for those three months — time your kiddo would normally spend in a classroom setting. You don’t want to force your child into a year-round school situation, but it would be nice if they didn’t come back to class totally rusty. Look at this off season as an opportunity to check out their interest areas — topics they may not get to cover during the year. Summer presents the chance for your child to deep dive into their favorite subjects.

A Summer Subject Deep Dive Can Expand Your Child’s Horizons

Your kiddo will no doubt start to favor certain subjects in school. However, they typically won’t have a chance to break from the normal schedule to further dig into their interests. Once the science portion of class is over for the day, it’s on to reading. A well-balanced education is vital, but so is chasing your passions! Summer offers the time and schedule flexibility to find camps and programs specific to your child’s interests.

Summer Camps Offer a Different Setting for Learning

Even if your child isn’t adamant that they’re the next Tesla or Twain, they will still appreciate the environment they find at summer camps. Sometimes it simply takes exposure to a subject in the right setting or with the right instructor for the light to turn on. Summer camps typically offer a more hands-on approach, making subjects like math and science more accessible.

Ready to Expand Your Child’s Horizons This Summer?

iPlay Austin is an indoor playland full of inflatable obstacle courses and games. This summer, the venue is hosting iScience Camps! These engaging day camps explore topics like chemistry, water, physics, engineering, nature, and life sciences. The next camp runs July 17th-21st. Give your child the ability to explore their interests. Contact iPlay Austin in Austin, TX at 512-282-5867 to register for iScience Camp. Slots are filling up quickly.