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Summer Camps Help Your Child Discover Interests

You’ve had the “taste” battle with your child before. Unless you’re one of the lucky few, gifted with an indiscriminate offspring, you’ve had to coerce your kiddo into trying a new food. “You won’t know if you like it until you try it,” is a common refrain for persuasive parents. It’s true though, you can’t know what you like until you’ve tried it. That’s the case for all areas of your child’s life — whether it’s broccoli or baseball. Giving your little one the ability to try new things expands their horizons and allows them to discover their own interests. There is no better time to try new things than during the summer. The schedule finally opens up and your child is free to experience the original. Summer camps are a great way to explore a new subject or interest area — they can help your child discover new interests.

Summer Camps Offer an Exciting Approach

If your child is new to a sport or hobby, a summer camp can present an immersive way to experience the activity. Even if the subject matter isn’t new to your child, being exposed to a topic a new way can pique their interest as well. This is especially true with academics. Classroom settings are typically busy, and not as hands-on as you’d like. Experiencing and experimenting first-hand can get your child engaged in a subject they hadn’t considered before.

Discovering New Interests Is a Process for Your Child

Just because your child doesn’t come back raving about the day’s activities, doesn’t mean the summer camp experience is a failure. It takes time to discover interests, and sometimes finding out what you like is a matter of figuring out what you don’t like. It’s a long summer, so giving your kiddo the chance to explore as many interests as possible will help them find their passion.

Looking for a Horizon-Expanding Summer Camp?

Just because summer is well underway doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on camp opportunities. iPlay Austin is hosting iScience Camp July 17th through the 21st. At this immersive camp, The iScience Squad will lead campers through hands-on experiments exploring water, chemistry, life science, physics, and engineering. It’s the perfect opportunity to help your child discover an interest in science! Registration ends July 16th, so contact iPlay Austin in Austin, TX at 512-282-5867 to sign up.