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Playtime Allows Your Child to Thrive

You’re familiar with being a playtime accomplice for your child. It’s probably a point of pride. Whether you’re pretending to be a student in your little one’s class, or helping them build a spaceship from scratch, your presence alone causes your child’s face to light up. When you stretch out the old back, get down on the floor and engage with your kiddo, you’re doing more for them than you know. That’s because play time is when your child thrives.

It’s both a creative outlet and cognitive necessity for them. Children (and adults for that matter) need to have their brains stimulated in a variety of ways. Too much time staring at a tablet, and part of their mental muscles start to atrophy. That same wear happens when kids spend long stints sitting still in the classroom. Of course formal education is important, but the release of energy and change in activity is essential.

Your Child’s Creativity Thrives on the Outlet Playtime Provides

Children express themselves differently in the same way that children learn differently. Playtime gives kids the creative freedom to express themselves and burn off some energy at all at once. Open-ended playtime allows your child to make a choice about how they play. This is how kids discover interests at an early age. Once they’re aware of their own likes, you can help them explore their passions.

Adults Wish They Could Have Playtime Too

Although the concept of playtime or recess is typically painted with a juvenile stroke, the idea of a mental changeup is important for everyone. Just because you get older doesn’t mean your brain needs any less variety in activity. Working out in the middle of the day, or taking a break from composing emails to talk with a co-worker actually benefits grownups in the same way it benefits children. Take any opportunity to incorporate playtime into your day!

Looking for a Fresh Take on Playtime?

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