Play Is the Best Gift for Your Child

Caring parents always look for ways to give to their children. You want the best for your young one and you want to show them how much you care. Giving gifts to your child doesn’t always have to take a material form. In fact, one of the most beneficial gifts you can offer to your kiddo is the gift of “play.” Before you dismiss that statement as new-wave mumbo jumbo, consider all the benefits of play time. It’s a chance for your child to burn off some steam and get some vital exercise. However, it’s also a chance for them to recenter in the middle of the day. Play gives children the ability to make a cognitive shift, and think in new and exciting ways.

Play Is a Gift That Continues to Give

Your child will experience the benefits of play throughout the day. Recess is more than just a chance for teachers to catch their breath; it’s a time for children to change the way they think and use their creativity. Studies have shown that children carry the benefits of play time with them for the rest of the school day. This is an easy gift for you to give on a daily basis!

A Variety of Play Options Presents Choices

Okay, so obviously more options means more choices — but that’s huge for children. When kids make an active choice about how they play, they’re expressing themselves creatively. You want to gift your child with the ability to make conscious choice about how they spend their free time.

iPlay Austin is an indoor playland with dozens of inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, and more. At this expansive facility, your child will have the freedom to choose how they play, while getting plenty of exercise.

Reward Yourself for Helping Your Child Play

Now, giving your child the gift of play can earn you a gift of your own! This Friday through Sunday, the iPlay Austin and Houston locations will be giving out raffle tickets to mothers for each visit they make to the respective iPlay locations. Sunday evening a drawing will be held to give away five different gift cards at each location.

You give so much to your children, and now iPlay wants to give back. Visit iPlay Austin Friday through Sunday to become eligible for the gift card drawing. You can learn more by contacting iPlay Austin in Austin, TX by phone at 512-282-5867 or email