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Make Science Fun to Encourage Learning

Everyone has their favorite subject in school. While it’s great to focus on interest areas, the importance of a balanced education can’t be overstated. If your child doesn’t care for a certain subject, it may just be that they haven’t been exposed to the topic in a way that they enjoy. Children all have different preferred learning styles, and summer is the ideal time to explore those options. When your kiddo is presented with information in a fun, engaging setting, they’re more likely to respond positively. Summer camps offer a change of venue and teaching style that just might unlock your child’s interest. When you make a subject like science fun and approachable, it helps your child enjoy learning.

A Different Environment Can Change the Way Students Think About a Subject

A classroom setting may not always provide the ideal situation for your child. Maybe they need a more tangible situation for which the school schedule and facilities don’t allow. A summer camp can give children the space needed to actively participate in learning. In a more intimate setting, kids don’t get lost in the shuffle. They’re captains rather than passengers. They’re encouraged to be a part of every step in the learning process.

Encouraging Children to Actively Participate in Learning Makes Science Fun

Hands-on projects and experiments demonstrate principles in a way that reading from a textbook simply can’t. Taking this approach to learning may tap into an interest your little learner didn’t even know was there. The verbal explanation of a chemical reaction isn’t nearly as effective as actual performance of one. After a successful summer camp, your kiddo may decide that science is their favorite subject.

It’s Time to Explore Summer Learning Opportunities for Your Child

iPlay Austin is an indoor playland full of inflatable activities perfect for a variety of ages. It’s a fun active way for kids to spend summer days. This summer, iPlay Austin is offering iScience Summer Camps. These day camps feature fun, hands-on activities with focus areas in water, chemistry, life science, engineering, physical science, and nature. Registration for the June 19th camp ends this Sunday! Register your child for a fun way to explore science by contacting iPlay Austin in Austin, TX at 512-282-5867.