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Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Summer

For many kids, summer offers a sweet escape from school. After a long year, a bit of a break is well deserved. However, a week of relaxing in front of the TV can easily turn into a couple months. Before you know it, August is here and your child is out of educational rhythm. You don’t want your little student to spend the first few weeks of school getting their feet back under them. You want them to hit the ground running. That’s why you should treat summer as an opportunity. Help your child get the most out of summer by making time for relaxation as well as time for educational experiences.

Educational Experiences Don’t Have to Take Place in a Classroom

Talking your child into taking on work during the summer may seem daunting. However, summer educational experiences should be anything but work. Summer presents the perfect time to do some learning outside of the classroom. Many summer camps present opportunities to learn in a non-traditional environment. They also give your child a chance to pursue subjects they enjoy.

A Variety of Activities Helps Your Child Work Different Cognitive Muscles

If your child absolutely loves science they may not get to devote as much time to the topic as they would like during primary school. Summer offers the chance to focus on these interest areas. Plus, many summer camps present information in a way that is totally unlike classroom learning. This encourages kids to think differently and work different cognitive muscles than they would during the year.

Time to Get the Most Out of Summer for Your Child

iPlay Austin is an awesome indoor play venue full of exciting inflatable activities. This summer, iScience (hosted by The Science Squad) comes to iPlay Austin. This immersive day camp will feature live experiments and engaging activities for children ages 5 to 10. Topics covered will include physics, engineering, life sciences, water, and chemistry. Campers will participate in hands-on applications for these scientific principles. Of course, there will be time to play as well. To learn more about iScience camp, contact iPlay Austin in Austin, TX at 512-282-5867.