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Family Time Is About More Than Just Bonding

Spending time together as a family is one of the great joys of parenthood. No matter the size of your group, the little moments mean something special. You may not realize however, that family time does more for your children than create a bonding experience. Your children appreciate the love and attention that comes with family time, but you’re actually helping them develop as well. This is especially true when you spend time together in a social setting. When your children see you interact with other adults it gives them a behavior model to follow. Conversely, you can observe how your children interact with others too.

Family Time Allows You to Socialize with Each Other

You probably don’t think about why you enjoy spending time with your family. It’s just your family. But for your little ones, more is happening than meets the eye. They’re socializing with you and taking behavioral cues. This is extra pertinent when they see you interact with other adults like service employees or friends. Being polite, smiling, and speaking clearly to other adults instructs your child on how they should behave toward others as well.

Family Time Is a Comfortable Space for Your Child

Most children are shy around strangers. It’s understandable, and frankly, a healthy reaction. However, you want your little one to be confident and comfortable around others. They gain that confidence by practicing social interaction in a relaxed environment. Your presence will give your child the ability to feel comfortable expressing him or herself. This builds invaluable social skills for the future.

Looking for a Social Way to Spend Family Time?

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